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Kasemake design software sales02@cutcnccam.com

Kasemake design software has more than 30 years of packaging and printing cad / cam system experience. Kasemake design software mainly for packaging design engineers who already have design basis. since Kasemake design software covers the major function and meet the high level packing market, Kasemake design software has a good reputation in european usa,uk and so on overseas market.
Kasemake design software is the complete packaging design solution, with everything you need in one package. combining powerful design capabilities with presentation and production capabilities, Kasemake design software is always the designer's choice. contact us for a personal demonstration and see the difference for yourself
characteristic of Kasemake design software.
1 unique 2d drafting tool
2 parametric design libraries
3 stunning 3d capabilities
4 comprehensive exchange formats
5 easy design editing
Functions of Kasemake design software:
1. no data loss, no picture deformation and no pattern distortion while transform the document.
2. support and directly control a variety of box sample machine, laser cutting machine, computer machete machine, computer drawing machine, etc.
3. contain box type block, components, carton trailer, inter-lining, carton pallet, terminal display structure. easily to design and enhance the efficiency.
4. set the shortcut according to personal habits.
5. one main feature is that you could build box type model freely.
Email: sales02@cutcnccam.com
MSN: trinityhu@hotmail.com
Category: Textile & Wear / Other Placement Date: Dec 26, 2012 GMT
Company name: DongGuan cut cnc equipment Co., LTD Company type: Exporter, Service, Other
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