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Baumer Absolute Encoder G0M2H.1.10.A1.02

Baumer Absolute Encoder G0M2H.1.10.A1.02
(1)Hollow shaft diameter12 mm with pin 15 mm / on flange;
(2)10...30 VDC / gray code 25 bit;
(3)Connector M23, 12-pin, radial;
(4)No incremental output;
(5)Reverse polarity protection Yes;
(6)Sensing method Optical;
(7)Origin: Switzerland.
Baumer absolute encoders: BMSV 30, BMMV 30, BMSV 30R, BMMV 30R, BMSH 30, BMMH 30, BMSV 42, BMSH 42, BMMH 42, BMSV 58, BMMV 58, BMSH 58, BMMH 58, BMSV 58 flexible, BMMV 58 flexible, BMSH 58 flexible, BMMH 58 flexible, BMMV 58 hermetic, BMMV 58 hermetic flexible, GM400 / GM4013, GA240 / GA2413, GXM2S, etc.
Our Availability:
A&S Automation Co., Ltd. supplies these brands of encoders: Agilent encoders, Autonics, Avtron, Baumer, BEI, Copal, Danaher, Delta, Dynapar, Elcis, Elco, Eltra, Euchner, Fraba, Hedss, Heidenhain, Hengstler, Hohner, Koyo, Kubler, Leine Linde, Lenord Bauer, Lika, LTN Litton, Meyer, MTL, Nemicon, Northstar, Omron, P+F, Renco, REP, Scancon, Sick, Siko encoders, Stegmann, Sumtak, T+R, Tamagawa, Tekel, Turck, TWK, etc.
Our advantage:
(1) High quality products with competitive prices;
(2)Professional service;
(3) Enough stock and Fast delivery.
Welcome for any inquiries.
Category: Electronics & Electricals / Components Placement Date: Sep 28, 2017 GMT
Company name: A&S Automation Co., Ltd. Company type: Exporter, Service
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