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Gefran Sensor

A&S Automation offers the entire line of Gefran Sensor, including
Gefran Pressure Sensors / Gefran Industrial Pressure Transducers / Gefran Pressure Transmitters,
Gefran Magnetostrictives / Gefran Contactless Absolute Linear Transducers,
Gefran Potentiometers / Gefran Linear and Angular Displacement Transducers,
Gefran Melt Pressure Sensors,
Gefran Load Cells / Gefran Force Transducers,
Gefran Temperature Sensors / Gefran Thermocouples,
Gefran Strain and Force Sensors with Sensormate Technology / Gefran Sensormate Strain Sensors and Load Cells,
Gefran Temperature Sensors / Gefran Resistance Thermometers,
Gefran Rotary Sensors,
Gefran Tilt Sensors,
Gefran Wire Position Transducers.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q1: Are your sensors original and new?
A1: Yes, we offer 100% original and brand new sensors.
Q2: Do you accept Credit Cards?
A2: Yes, we support various forms of payment, Credit Cards included.
Q3: Does your offer of sensor include warranty?
A3: Each Gefran sensor we offer is with warranty.
Q4: Can I get technical support from you?
A4: Yes, We have well-trained and experienced team of technical engineers whom you can relay on.
Q5: How can I know the price and lead time from you?
A5: You can obtain a quote from us by sending us your Request for Quote information to [sensor alpha esmachinery beta com (alpha for at, beta for dot)]. Please include the following in your RFQ message:
*Your full mailing address, contact name and phone numbers.
* For each item that you would like a quote on, include Brand, Model number, quantity and pictures of nameplate (if any).
Your request will be responded within 24 hours.
Please be noted that the price, lead time and pictures shown on this page, if any, are only for illustration purposes. For exact price, please contact us.
Company Name: A&S Automation Co., Ltd.
Tel: 0086-28-66915552
Fax: 0086-28-86129221
Add: 469 Xinsheng Road, Gaoxin District, Chengdu, Sichuan 610041, China
Category: Electronics & Electricals / Electronic Instruments Placement Date: Sep 28, 2017 GMT
Company name: A&S Automation Co., Ltd. Company type: Exporter, Service
Contact Person: (Premium Membership required) Email: Send Inquiry
Address: (Premium Membership required) City: (Premium Membership required)
State: (Premium Membership required) Country: China Gefran Sensor
Zip: (Premium Membership required) Web: (Premium Membership required)
Phone: (Premium Membership required) Fax: (Premium Membership required)

Offers list from this company:

  1. [Sell] Baumer Absolute Encoder G0M2H.1.10.A1.02
  2. [Sell] Gefran Sensor
  3. [Sell] Kubler Incremental Encoder 8.5000.5141.2500
  4. [Sell] Sony CMOS Image Sensor IMX226CQJ
  5. [Sell] sony sensor 27100
  6. [Sell] SICK Absolute Encoder AG665-4665P3500000
  7. [Sell] Sick Photoelectric Sensor VTF18-3F1712
  8. [Sell] TEMCo Rotary Frequency Converter FC0000
  9. [Sell] Schneider Limit Switch 9007MS01G0100
  10. [Sell] Allen-Bradley GuardShield Type 4 Safety Light Curtain 445LS4P0720D
  11. [Sell] SMC Sensors and Switches
  12. [Sell] Autonics Incremental Rotary Encoder E30S4.100P/R.3.T.5
  13. [Sell] WACHENDORFF Encoders
  14. [Sell] Nemicon Shaft Encoder NOM-S-100-2M-C-100-00
  15. [Sell] Mitsubishi VFD AC Drive FR-D720S-025-NA
  16. [Sell] TWK Encoders
  17. [Sell] Honeywell Packaged Temperature Probes R300-F35-M14-C
  18. [Sell] Vacon Compact AC Drive VACON0010-1L-0001-1
  19. [Sell] Yaskawa VFD
  20. [Sell] Siko Incremental Encoder IG06-AXX-1-PUR-E1-2-3-M1-PP-W01-20

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